Self Love Legacy is your safe space to grow through your past while shedding the victim mentality, stepping into forgiveness, and learning to fall in love with yourself again. All episodes are 25 minutes or less, new episodes are released every Wednesday, and your bonus 5 minutes or less, Love Notes, episode with your weekly affirmation are released every Monday.

Stephanie A. is the optimistic, bubbly voice behind Self Love Legacy the Podcast. After decades of sexual abuse from family members, rape, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, dyslexia, body dysmorphia, chronic depression, victim mentality, and was even hospitalized for suicide. She is on a mission to share her story to help women feel less alone and to know that there is HEALING AND THRIVING AFTER TRAUMA! And just know, it’s going to get awkward… It is just Stephanie’s style!


Trauma changes us. After three decades of being sexually abused by multiple family members, and being a survivor of rape... I found myself wondering how will my past traumas affect how I raise my children.


In this episode I explain how sexual abuse has changed my way of thinking when it comes to raising my son.  


Self Love Legacy

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Today's self-love affirmation is, I Acknowledge My Own Self Worth. So often we allow the options of others to creep into our subconscious and become the lens we see ourselves through. It is time to take the power back and acknowledge your own self-worth. Be sure to play this affirmation as many times as you need to. 


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Let's be honest, we all get overwhelmed. It is part of the human experience. But did you know that your body is giving you warning signs that you are overwhelmed before it really becomes a problem? In this episode, you will learn about the 8 signs you might be overwhelmed and how to adjust to each sign as they come up. 


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This week's Self Love Affirmation is "I Love the Person I Am Becoming" it is so easy to get lost in the lack mindset, in comparison, in not being enough or not doing enough. This affirmation is to help remind you to release those thoughts and to embrace the person you are becoming. 

Every day we are improving, moving forward, and healing. It is time to Love the Person you are Becoming. 


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Stephanie A. 

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Are you single and pregnant? Do you find yourself struggling and being triggered when people ask about the child's father? 


In this episode of self-love legacy, I expose my own experience as a single and pregnant women and how I used the powerful technique of reframing to change my perspective.


To get the full story be sure to check out Episode 38 - Pregnant and Single?! No Shame In Your Game Girl. Where we break down and talk about removing shame from being single and pregnant. But for this episode, we are going to break down how to reframe any negative triggers that might come up. 


You can use reframing in any part of your life to change your perspective.


Changing this perspective turned all my negative emotions to strong positive affirmations that I said to myself which made a huge impact in my life.


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You Haven't Yet Met All the People You Will Love!⁣

On today's episode of Self Love Legacy the Podcast we will go over today's Self- Love Affirmation... You Haven't Yet Met All the People You Will Love!⁣

You never know who will come into your life at what time. And every day is an opportunity to meet someone new who you just might fall in love with. Whether it is as a partner, friend, coworker, etc... the possibilities are endless.


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When you know better, you do better. If you are repeating the same old TOXIC relationships and you can't seem to figure out how it keeps happening this self-love episode is for you. So many times we are told we date individuals who have similar personalities as our parents... But that is not always the case. In this episode, Stephanie exposes her own dating past to walk you through how to reverse engineer your past and find the subconscious link that has been keeping you "safe" by dating someone who makes you feel the way you once did in your childhood. 


Let's dive in into our past to get to the root of the problem. How did your family make you feel while growing up? Today we will help you move forward into a more positive and loving relationship. We date our family members because we feel safe, it is time to stop repeating patterns because you deserve better. 


1:25 Introduction- Where are we at in 2021?

2:30 Diving In Our Past Relationships

3:00 Can You Force Yourself To Love Someone?

3:40 What Is Your Biggest Insecurity In A Relationship?

5:00 The Expert Manipulator Traits

5:49 Spotting The Red Flags On Early Stages

6:18 Relationship Between Dates And Family Members

7:00 Dating Our Parents? 

8:41 How To Let Another Personality Sneak In

9:00 Are You Dating Your Brother?

10:26 What Is Comfortable For Us?

11:00 How Did Your Family Made You Feel While Growing Up?

11:48 Who Did You Date In The Past?

12:23 Figuring Out Which Personality You Are Attracting

13:06 Unpacking And Changing 


If you feel this show makes you realize how beautiful and amazing you are, no matter what has happened in your past, make sure to leave a five-star rating and review to create more content like this, to spread self-love. 

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Today's Self Love affirmation is... "I Am In A Safe and Loving Relationship" Everyone deserves safety! Everyone deserves love! Today's affirmation is one of my personal favorites, and I love it because it helps me remember that ALL relationships need safety and love. Love and safety are not just for romantic relationships. I hope you give this mini-episode a listen and really feel into the fact that "I Am In a Safe and Loving Relationship" 


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Can't wait to meet you! 

Stephanie A.

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Too often we write out New Year’s resolutions/goals without ever asking what it is we actually want. Stephanie feels this is why the majority of people get lost and discouraged in chasing their dreams. So to bring in the New Year right, Stephanie has the following questions for you.


1. What was the biggest blessing you had in 2020 that you want to keep in 2021? 

2. Who or what group of people would you like to get to know better?

3. What would you like to have?

4. What is one bad habit you need to drop?

5. What do you want to do in 2021?

6. How do you want to make a difference?

7. What would you like to learn this year?

8. Where would you like to spend some time?

9. What is it that you refuse to do in the upcoming year?

10. What would you like to do differently with your money this year?

11. What one area would you like to improve yourself?

12. What do you need to do more of that brings your joy?


Be sure to listen to the full episode to get a full understand of how to do this exercise and how to get the most out of it. 

If you feel comfortable to share your answers to these questions please do so by tagging me in your IG stories or Post @selflovelegacy


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What New Year affirmation are you going to keep in 2021? I wanted to share my 2021 self-love affirmation with you “I Choose Love, Respect, and Kindness through 2021” We all get to choose what energy and intention we continue with us each day… Wanted to invite you to join me in this self-love affirmation for 2021!


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Much Self Love, 

Stephanie A. 

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