Self Love Legacy is your safe space to grow through your past while shedding the victim mentality, stepping into forgiveness, and learning to fall in love with yourself again. All episodes are 25 minutes or less, new episodes are released every Wednesday, and your bonus 5 minutes or less, Love Notes, episode with your weekly affirmation are released every Monday.

Stephanie A. is the optimistic, bubbly voice behind Self Love Legacy the Podcast. After decades of sexual abuse from family members, rape, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, dyslexia, body dysmorphia, chronic depression, victim mentality, and was even hospitalized for suicide. She is on a mission to share her story to help women feel less alone and to know that there is HEALING AND THRIVING AFTER TRAUMA! And just know, it’s going to get awkward… It is just Stephanie’s style!


Slut, whore, tart, hoochie, skank, hoe, or anything similar are all words that you will never hear me say, not even joking around with friends!

In this episode, we will break it down how no matter how many people you have slept with it does not make you a slut. Sex is complicated and there is no reason to make it more complicated by beating yourself up for your choices. Excited to hear your thoughts on this episode. 

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Today's affirmation is "I Allow Myself To Receive Everything I Desire." So many of us block ourselves from allowing good into our life, no matter big or small. It is time we sat and gave ourselves permission to receive everything we desire.  

So say it with me... I allow myself to receive everything I desire! 

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Much Self Love, 

Stephanie A. 

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The power in the divine feminine energy can literally knock someone off their chair, just the way a masculine divine could as well - Whitnee Nicely

In this episode of Self Love Legacy, we have invite Whitnee Nicley to give us insights about masculine and feminine energy, and how it affects our daily interactions with others especially our relationships with our partners, family, and even with our children.

Whitnee Nicley is your guide for healing and transformation. She channels her energy and knowledge to transform lives by helping us discover their own divine masculine and feminine energy breakdown to bring internal energy balance leading to the truest versions of ourselves.

Episode Timeline:


People's basic knowledge of masculine and feminine energy is more around gender roles. Masculine & feminine energy has nothing to do with sexual orientation or sexuality.


Masculine energy is more in line with being a leader, being protective, it's more energy going out.


Feminine energy is about being in touch with your intuition, being empathetic, being able to let flow happen, and allowing energy in. It is connected to their spiritual self, to their higher self, and to God.


The call of the new world and our new future is about integrating a balance of masculine and feminine energy within oneself.


Most of us are not perfect in both. We tend to lean a little more one way or the other, a little more masculine, and a little more feminine.


For any major life shift (grief, loss, having children, marriage wars), you have to remember everything has a vibrational signature. So it's going to affect you vibrationally, which could affect your masculine feminine balance. It really is a lifelong journey.


Sometimes feminine energy is about holding space, and believing in spirit and God, and the integration of what will be will be. A lot of people have a hard time with that when they have a lot of overactive masculine energy because they want to control, they want to see things pan out a certain way because that's their safety zone that makes them feel more secure. 


Look at the ones you have already grown and the ones that you're already strong in. Because you need to know that in terms of knowing what direction you want to go in, or where you lean because these are things you may want to really keep. It's better to be authentic, which is more in line with divine energy.


Key Quotes: 


Feminine energy is powerful. Feminine energy brings light. Feminine energy brings creation - Whitnee Nicely


The power in the divine feminine energy can literally knock someone off their chair, just the way a masculine divine could as well - Whitnee Nicely


You can't have feminine energy without empathy - Whitnee Nicely

Make sure to check out Whitnee Nicely’s Instagram for a compilation of different types of energies and manifestations of each. If you want to book a session or consultation with Whitnee Nicely, you click this link -> website. 

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As the holiday season is getting closer family expectations are growing and with it being 2020 everything is unknown and more and more disagreements seem to keep coming up. So this week's self-love affirmation is for just that... "My Feelings are Valid" You have a right to feel the way you feel and it is okay to express those feelings if that serves you. Your Feelings are Valid! Play this affirmation episode as many times as you need. This is for you! 


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In this episode of Self Love Legacy The Podcast, we are going head to head to know the difference between self-love and self-care.

What is self-love?


Self-love means loving yourself unapologetically through the good times and the bad, through the ups and the downs. Self-love is loving yourself unconditionally no matter what.

It is also allowing yourself to feel the emotions as they come up, to grieve, to forgive, to help yourself and or people.


Self-care is the daily actions that we do to help us achieve self-love. Example of self-care activities are relaxing bubble bath at the end of the day or going to your favorite museum to relax. Being out in nature and being just with yourself. Those are acts to help you get familiar with yourself.

Self-care are acts to remind that you should prioritize yourself to make sure that you are getting closer to self-love.


  • Beating yourself up every day
  • Refusing to forgive yourself for mistakes
  • Being your worst critic in your head



If you are fully in the state of self-love and you are loving yourself unapologetically, you are naturally doing self-care maintenance to stay in a place of self-love.


Confusions are around the fact that if we love ourselves, we have to be okay and feel happy every single time. Absolutely not. Going through life in general means you are going to have negative emotions. It is okay to grieve and be angry and acknowledge that those emotions are healthy. It just means you are human.


Self-love is accepting that you are human. It is forgiving yourself for your shortcomings. It is wanting to learn and improve the relationship that you have with yourself and others around you. It is the self-awareness that really helps us stay in a beautiful state of self-love, where we can accept all sides of us and see all sides of us is beautiful and loving.


Key Quote:

You can have Self Care without ever getting to Self Love!

Self Care is a tool to help you get to Self Love. 


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Self Love Legacy


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This weeks' self love affirmation is "I AM a Gift to Myself" This short and sweet episode is designed for you to get a quick reminder of how amazing you are! Play this episode as many times as you need. This affirmation is for you! "I AM A Gift to Myself!"

Much Self Love, 

Stephanie A.


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Single and Pregnant.... did you find yourself overwhelmed with shame? Are you still finding yourself carrying around that shame?  In this Self Love episode, we will unpack the shame that sometimes comes with being single and pregnant and even being a single mother. You are not alone!  


Pregnant and Single?! No Shame in Your Game, Girl! 

Your story can be epic - and it can be powerful and inspiring as well.

In this episode, I talk about my experience when I first found out I was pregnant from a friend with benefits I felt a roller-coaster of emotions which included fear, disappointment, and shame that led to hiding my pregnancy from the people close to me. 

Being single and pregnant shouldn’t be frowned upon especially not by you. You can take your power back and learn to recognize the blessings that come with your child which will eventually get rid of the shame that you might be carrying.

Episode’s Timeline:

  • [3:12] The complicated emotions that come with being pregnant and single. 
  • [4:28] My experience getting pregnant in an unplanned circumstance which led to hiding it.
  • [7:06] The disappointment and shame I felt towards myself for ruining my life plan and towards society for the pressure.
  • [9:57] The blessing of being pregnant and single to my future husband who is going to love my son. 
  • [11:10] There is no shame because you did nothing wrong and your child is a gift. Dig deep and find the blessings that come with your kid. 
  • [14:51] Learn to reframe the story in your life to get your power back.
  • [17:07] How to make your list as real as possible and feel into it. 

Also, be sure to check out Feedspot's Top 100 Self Love Podcasts. Such a blessing and honor to be named #29 Self Love Podcast to follow in 2020. 


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September 28, 2020

37. Love Notes - I Love Myself

This might seem very basic but sometimes we have to start at the beginning. Today's self love affirmation is "I Love Myself!" If love feels like a big word to use please be sure to check out episode 14 of this podcast for tips on how to work up to at least 'liking' yourself. But for right now, please feel into this self love affirmation and be sure to save this episode so you can play it daily as your goto daily affirmation. 

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Are you suffocating yourself and or others with your overwhelming positivity??? Are you thinking there is no such thing as being too positive?? Then this is the episode for you. In this episode, we are going to ripe off the band-aide and expose toxic positivity for what it really is... hurtful, shaming, damaging, and leaves victims feeling alone, not seen or heard, and isolated. 


Toxic Positivity and How It Is Impacting Your Emotional Wellbeing

Are you masking your emotions with positivity? Did you know that this is toxic? We often push our positivity as the socially acceptable response to others and ourselves when we should be offering our support instead. 

Feelings are natural, healthy, and empowering and not something to be ignored or be ashamed of. It is important to allow yourself or others to go through the darkness in order to find the purpose and be truly happy. 

In this episode, I talk about toxic positivity and how we have normalized the response of ‘be positive’ all the time. We’re sometimes pushed to positivity by religion or spirituality where we fail to acknowledge what is really going on but rather putting our emphasis on other things. 

Listen in to learn the importance of expressing your anger in a safe and healthy space.

Episode’s Timeline:

  • [4:49] Defining toxic positivity. 
  • [6:18] How we unknowingly shoot our positivity at others instead of offering our support. 
  • [7:36] How my therapist taught me a lesson on the importance of allowing people to go through the darkness without intervening with my positivity.
  • [9:56] The beginning of the true meaning of positive thinking- being truly happy by feeling your emotions and darkness and later finding the purpose in them.
  • [13:43] The power of acknowledging and expressing your emotions healthily and safely. 
  • [16:21] Learning to move forward with support rather than pushing positivity all the time even with yourself. 

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In this episode, Stephanie A. is reminding you to Respond with Love and NOT for love. And let's get real that is harder said than done.  Play this episode as many times as you need for this affirmation to soak into your soul. "I Respond with Love, NOT for Love!" 

If you love this episode please take a few minutes to leave a review, I would love to hear how this episode has impacted you! 




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