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Stephanie A. is the optimistic, bubbly voice behind Self Love Legacy the Podcast. After decades of sexual abuse from family members, rape, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, dyslexia, body dysmorphia, chronic depression, victim mentality, and was even hospitalized for suicide. She is on a mission to share her story to help women feel less alone and to know that there is HEALING AND THRIVING AFTER TRAUMA! And just know, it’s going to get awkward… It is just Stephanie’s style!

January 27, 2021

70. Being Sexually Abused Changed the Way I Raise My Child

NO means NO, right? Sometimes it doesn’t, and I know it very well considering my sexual abuse history. But we can change this as parents of both girls and boys by teaching them early on that NO means NO, even when it’s a laughing NO.   

This episode of Self Love Legacy is for you parents, future parents, and all caregivers to know the importance of teaching your children physical boundaries. Listen in to learn how to make sure that your children’s choices are respected by others at home or in public

Episode’s Timeline:

  • [1:33] I was scared of having a daughter.
  • [2:33] My responsibility as a mom to teach my son to be an ally to women and victims of abuse. 
  • [4:06] Teach children that NO means NO and make it clear that it's their body, their choice.
  • [6:35] Why I teach my son boundaries. So he can speak out for himself and others.
  • [10:39] Learn to respect kids’ choices not to have physical interactions at home or in public- their NO means NO too. 
  • [12:38] It is okay if people get pissed by your kids’ physical boundaries and choices.

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